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Belgrade 129 km

Novi Sad 221 km

Niš 244 km

Sofia 401 km

Sarajevo 421 km

Skopje 439 km

Bucharest 462 km

Budapest 505 km

Podgorica 518 km

Zagreb 520 km

Ljubljana 658 km

Bratislava 699 km

Golubac Fortress is roughly 4 km away from the town of Golubac and can be reached by car, by motorcycle, by bus (bus stop is located in the town of Golubac), by bicycle (around 15 minutes’ ride) or on foot (around 45 minutes’ walk).

Information on the bus timetable is available at ).

Cyclists and pedestrians should note that they have to use the main road as there is no bike path.
Within the Tourist Area there is a parking lot with reserved spaces for persons with disabilities.