Competition of high school students
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One of the activities of the “Castles and Regions” Project, with the support of the Visegrad Fund, envisages the competition of high school students from local communities. Students from the 1st to the 3rd grade of the High School Veliko Gradi┼íte of the advanced class in Golubac are participating in this competition. The competition is open to all students who submit their works that meet the conditions of the competition and who deal with a particular topic (“Defenders of Europe” and “Castles and Regions”). The paper can consist of one document in Power Point or PDF format, in Serbian, possibly a video presentation lasting a maximum of five minutes.
The works are evaluated by a jury from the host country, and from each country the works that won the first three places will be shown and awarded; in Serbia, it will take place on October 18, 2021 on the website as well as within the workshop that will be held in Golubac;
– Proclamation of results at the international level: presentation of winning works from each country and awarding of diplomas to those who took the first place, signing and distribution of plaques will take place on November 19, 2021 in Esztergom. Diplomas and posters will be delivered online, and diplomas will also be delivered by mail to the address provided or – if possible – will be delivered live at the students’ high school.
Questions regarding the interpretation of the competition can be submitted until September 25, 2021 to the e-mail address:

We wish you a lot of success in the competition.