seminar golubac fortress
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Seminar at the Golubac Fortress

The one-day workshop is part of the international project “Castles and Regions”, which was supported by the Visegrad Fund V4 Plus program. The leading partner is the National Museum of Hungary, and in addition to the Golubac Fortress, the partners are the Association of Developers of Hungarian Settlements and Regions in Hungary, Komarno Fortress in Slovakia and the District Museum in Sandomierz in Poland. The direct participants of the Project are the Golubac Fortress, the Esztergom Fortress, the Komarno Fortress, the Visegrad Castle and the museum in Sandomierz.


The main goal of the Project is to establish cooperation and a network of participating institutions as well as support the development of the roles of fortresses and castles in the region. Although castles and fortresses are important cultural heritage sites and tourist destinations from a regional point of view, castles and fortresses in the V4 countries (Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland) and in the Western Balkans do not reach their full potential in regional development, tourism diversification and formal education systems.


The workshop “Fortress for the region – region for fortresses” will be held on October 19th, 2021 at 10 am in the Palace of the Golubac Fortress.