Project castles and regions
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Project “Castles & Regions”

Golubac Fortress Ltd is a partner in the project “Castles and Regions” which was supported by the Visegrad fund V4 Plus program. The leading partner is the Hungarian National Museum, and in addition to the Golubac Fortress, the partners are the Association of Developers of Hungarian Settlements and Regions in Hungary, Pro Castello Comaromiensi in Slovakia and the District Museum in Sandomierz in Poland. The direct participants in the Project are the Golubac Castle, the Estergom Fortress, the Komarno Fortress, the Visegrad Castle and the Sandomierz Museum.


The main goal of the Project is to establish cooperation and a network of participating institutions as well as support the development of the roles of fortresses and castles in the region. Although castles and fortresses are important cultural heritage sites and tourist destinations from a regional point of view, castles and fortresses in the V4 countries (Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland) and in the Western Balkans do not reach their full potential in regional development, tourism diversification and formal education systems. The project should offer different models and mechanisms of that incentive.


In particular:

  1. in the diversification of tourism and destination management, in the development of the regional economy as well as the development of regional brands’ promotion. The participating castles can act together in the global tourism market;
  2. in the formal education system of the region (e.g. castles and their natural environment can make online educational materials created by the spread of virtual education more experiential, authentic and effective);
  3. in strengthening common regional identity through a joint Virtual Exhibition;
  4. in supporting regular knowledge transfer and cooperation by establishing the network;
  5. in contributing to increasing the number of regional and local twinning initiatives, as well as to environmental protection and sustainable development.


Within the Project, a special virtual exhibition called “Our common past for a common future” was made, which included exhibitions from all fortresses and museums of the Project participants. You can find the exhibition and more information about it on a special link:


The project also announced a competition for high school students whose goal is to promote knowledge about the common historical destiny of peoples, regions and countries along the Danube and Vistula, as well as cooperation between young people between these regions and countries. In Serbia, students from the 1st to the 3rd grade of the High School in Veliko Gradište are participating in the competition.


In accordance with the project implementation plan, an international workshop entitled “Fortress for the region – region for fortresses” will be held in Golubac Fortress on October 19th, 2021, with the participation of project partners from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, domestic tourism workers, experts, researchers, representatives of institutions from culture, tourism, representatives of the business sector, guests from Romania.


For more information, visit the official website