Roman House
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Roman House

Rimska kuca

The “Roman house” represents remains of an ancient structure unearthed at the foundation level. It was built in late 2nd or early 3rd century and lasted throughout the 4th century. It was made from stone and brick, using the alternate laying technique (opus mixtum). It measures25×5 m in size and comprises 4 rooms whose walls and floors were covered with waterproof plaster, while the floors were boosted with an additional brick layer.

Remnants of wall fresco painting were found in the demolition layer. Fragments of plaster were dyed burgundy red, ochre, yellow, green, and dove blue, while a painted fish head is visible on one of the larger fragments.

Numerous bricks bearing legion seals that were found in the debris of the “Roman house” confirm the presence of Roman military forces in the area and the activity of Legio IV Flavia FelixandLegio VII Claudia.

Zone: Golubac Fortress Tourist area
Content: Archaeological park Western Outer Ward
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